Safety & Clothing

The following items will be a sensible and responsible investment before getting involved in contact sport at Blackbeard Academy:

  • GROIN GUARD – for all classes
  • MOUTH GUARD – for all classes
  • BOXING GLOVES & SHIN PADS – for all MMA classes
  • JIU-JITSU GI – for Brazilian jiu-jitsu classes
  • MMA SPARRING GLOVES – for all MMA classes

Please show up to each class with the appropriate equipment and training attire required.

  • No zips or buttons on clothing
  • No jewellery
  • Always wear shorts over your leggings / compression pants
  • Only change your clothes in the changing rooms provided, not on the mats


PERSONAL HYGIENE – Please come to class clean with toe and fingernails trimmed etc. no-one wants to train with unhygienic people.

NO SHOES ALLOWED – Please wear flip flops in the gym to keep your feet as clean as possible. No shoes on mats.

BRING A TOWEL – Always clean up after yourself using a towel and where necessary a change of training clothes. Please spray down your workspace and any equipment used at the end of your workout.

INJURIES & ILLNESS – Cuts and bruises must be thoroughly cleaned and covered before participating in classes. Do  not attend classes with any form of sickness and contagious diseases. We reserve the right to suspend any members until a doctors clearance certificate can be provided.

TOILETS FACILITIES –  Always make sure to leave the toilets and wudu area in a clean and friendly state. If they needs attention please make a member of our team aware.

Code of conduct

ARRIVE ON TIME – Please arrive at least 10 minutes early and ready to train so that classes can begin promptly.

MIND YOUR LANGUAGE – Please refrain from using vulgar or offensive language. Swearing will not be tolerated.

NO MUSIC – No music to be played in this academy, only Quran & nasheeds without beats accepted.

PAY ATTENTION – do not be disruptive during class especially when the instructor is demonstrating techniques. Always sit or stand in good posture during demonstrations. No lying down or leaning.

INFORM YOUR INSTRUCTOR – do not leave class without first informing your coach.

KEEP TRAINING AREAS CLEAR – no mobile phones, food or drinks in the training areas. Mobiles must be kept on silent.

TAKE CARE OF EQUIPMENT – No misuse of gym equipment or mat space. Put equipment back where it belongs. If you break it you replace it.

SPAR WITH RESPECT – Your training partner is not your personal grappling dummy or punching bag. Students must be approved by instructor to take sparring sessions and advanced classes.

NO USE OF EXCESSIVE FORCE – inside or outside of the academy is unacceptable and will not be tolerated. If you are found using excessive force that is not deemed in self-defence, your membership will be terminated immediately.

Bullying and/or aggressive behaviour at the academy will not be tolerated either and your membership will be terminated immediately.

Want for your brother what you want for yourself

Anas ibn Malik reported: The Prophet, may Allah be pleased with him, said, “None of you will have faith until he loves for his brother what he loves for himself.”

(Bukhari & Muslim)